Power Flushing

Why Should You Power Flush Your System?

What is power flushing and why should you do it?

Power flushing is an effective way of cleaning your central heating system.


The Benefits

  • More Even distribution of heat throughout your home
  • Lower Heating bills
  • The system and boiler life is extended

How do you know that your system needs flushed?


  • Do your radiators have cold spots? (See Diagram Below)
  • Is your system noisy?
  • Are you constantly turning your thermostat up?

These are some of the signs that your system may need flushed

Cold Spots.jpg

Our Prices start from £400 which includes a MagnaClean professional filter and chemical pack.


flir 1.jpg
flir 2.jpg

Before and after a system flush

before: you can clearly see only half of the radiator panel is heating up.

after: the whole panel is heating up, meaning your heating is on for half the time, therefore reducing your energy bill.